АrtAbsinth Studio is a group of professionals who know 3D graphics backward and forward. We love our work and are used to doing it well.

How to find us?

If you are in Kyiv, you definitely can visit us. Our address is 54 Mezhyhirs'ka Str.
Or our specialists can come to your office to discuss specifications. For this you can call us:


We also cooperate with clients from other cities very often.  For this purpose we usually use e-mail: info@artabsinth.com

You can choose the way you like most.

For whom do we work?

Our services are aimed at those who want to demonstrate some kind of idea or project to the investors, clients or colleagues.
Animation as one of our specializations plays an important role in the creative activity of our studio. 3D animations are often used for example in TV advertising. The audience admires high-quality short-length videos even if they are of commercials origin.
Computer models are also used to produce photo-quality images for posters and for the presentations of any product starting from jewelry ending with a housing estate. You can show not only products, but also any service you provide by showing different situations.

What is the potential of 3D graphics?

It allows doing almost anything! The main advantage of 3D graphics is the absence of limits (in a reasonable way, of course!). It is easy to design something not yet existing that is just going to appear, for example a cottage being built or a planned car tuning. It is easy to show processes that can’t be filmed by a video camera like the human heart beating or internal combustion engine work with the help of animation. 
It helps to create.

Computer graphics allows objectifying any client’s concept.

Why are we better than others?

Well it goes without saying, that modesty is the best policy, but we can’t pass over in silence our competitive advantages :)

Experience and professionalism. Our experts are engaged in 3D graphics from 2000. Our background knowledge gained during this period allows us to undertake challenging projects without any doubt.
Responsibility. There is a section "Work in progress" in each project where intermediate results are presented. Customers can see what’s already done for every step, any time.
Quality. Our main priority is the high quality; our aim is a satisfied client. Every stage is coordinated and if necessary - improved with the client’s requests and comments taken into consideration. It allows getting the final result corresponding the customer's needs.
Individual approach. Sometimes customers know exactly what they want, but sometimes they only have approximate idea. And it’s enough. If we have only approximate draft or verbal description we offer several variants of the project as we see it, and the customer chooses the most appropriate one.