As you all know, 3d animation allows to represent almost anything, even stuff impossible or hard to show by the means of live filming. Besides existing objects we can create imaginary things or recreate ideas and designs. Don't forget about cartoons etc.

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ArtAbsinth ShowReel

Results of our studio work during the last 2 years. Show-reel that shows a series of cuts representing the most interesting projects.

Beautiful Generator

One of our most beautiful projects is the presentation of "Eye of The Wind" turbine. 3D-animation not only represents construction of the power station’s blades, but also shows beauty of the surrounding mountain landscapes with evergreen forests. All in a bird's-eye view.

Large-scale architectural animation

Perhaps for now it is our biggest project, animation of futuristic, but absolutely real city (currently under construction) with million of prognosed inhabitants and its own complete infrastructure (schools, hospitals, offices, malls etc). It is called Khazar İslands and located in the Caspian Sea.

Statrup presentation

Animated infographics for Ukrainian startup with ambitious plans for expansion to the global market. It is service that helps people to earn with a friendly counsel and provides companies with new marketing tools to attract customers.

Residential Complex Presentation

A trip to the Crimea south coast pearl - Yalta. A large-scale 3D-animation with lots of greenery, movement of water, people and cars, day and night lighting, carries the viewer to the coast of the Black Sea, place where cozy and comfortable residential complex is situated.

Barge Tech Animation

3D-demonstration of marine transshipment complex which helps transferring sulfur from river to marine boats quickly and effectively. Taking into account specificity of the project, we wanted to create not just technically correct, but also aesthetic presentation, so that uninitiated viewer could enjoy beauty of the raid transshipment animation.

Infographics examples

A few illustrative examples of infographics showing the possibilities of this type of animation. One of the commercials is a real project, it describes features and operation principle of recruitment service. The second file is a template created to be sold to potential customers. It is possible to insert name, logo and other customers' data in it.

Just For Fun: Transformer-Zaporozhets

3D-animation of ZAZ-965, produced in 1960-1969 by the "Kommunar" factory (later it became - Zaporizka Automobile Factory). An nostalgic irony regarding Soviet industrial production ot the 60-70s, as well as an appreciation of the technical achievements of modern cinematography and special effects (e.g. "Transformers"), gave birth to the desire to combine these two passions into one 3D-animation project. It was made both for our own pleasure and for the portfolio.

Mall Animation

This is an animation showing trade and entertainment center in one of the busiest districts of Kyiv. Mall is still under construction, but in this movie you can already see how will it look like and what shall it be. You may also see all the curiosities prepared for visitors.

ModnaKasta Infographics

Project on infographics, created for ModnaKasta online shopping club. An example of how to demonstrate a large number of loosely connected data informatively and creatively at the same time.

Art Hall Architectural Visualization

An unusual (club) house with closed terrace above the ground, on the fifth floor level, and individual interior design projects for every apartment is being built now in the very heart of Kyiv. We can say with certainty - it will be a nice and pleasant prolongation of historical part of the city!

Swedish solutions

Swedish company Thermotech specializes in manufacturing and installation of engineering systems for both private homes and for commercial premises. 3d-animation helped this company to show their profile in a simple and pretty way.

Gillette Experiments

Viral video with 3d-elements telling about the restless experimentalist, personally trying out gliding ability of Gillette gel, selecting the most extravagant methods - lubricating snowboard with it, shaving with the help of the skate and much more.

Soft animation

This is an animated Zalis furiture factory 3d-ad created for street videoboards. Attention is attracted by the unusual way of sofa transformation and the house creation around it.

Aurum commercial

A beautiful legend about the star called Aurum that destroyed everyday dullness and made the world of mobile phones brighter. Animated advertising 3D trailer created for the company engaged in gilding of the luxury segment mobile phones

Technology of wine production

If you always wondered what pulp is or what wine production is like - then this video presentation will definitely be interesting for you. We can say it is a virtual tour around the winery. But in our case, you can look into the equipment and figure out how it works.

Attention, the doors open

Commercial 3D-animation where doors have taken place of main characters. Since it was not to be shown on the TV screen, but on screens inside the shop and on website, it is long enough (adout 4 minutes). Stress is made on the fittings in 3d presentation.

3D-animation for flash presentation

Animated visualization of auto trading centre “Vidi Autostrada” in Kyiv. The project presents autocentres of several brands: Lexus, Toyota, Nissan (already built, in operation), and also Mazda centre (was supposed to be built in the nearest future). Graphic materials became the basis for flash-presentation made for the customer's corporate site.

3D Characters

A two-minute 3D-animation of book readers – devices for reading electronic books. The presentation video for the Ukrainian company “PocketBook” that is a serious player in the world market of book readers and one of the leaders of the CIS market. 3D-video was designed to be displayed at the exhibition of electronics in Taiwan.

3D Animation for the Anniversary

A distinctive feature of many successful people – they not only know how to work hard but also how to relax in a grand style, especially when it comes to such momentous events as the 50th anniversary. A 3D-animation can be a good concept of video for any eminent event.

"Fairytale House" presentation

3D presentation for International charity fund “The Strong in Spirit”. Video clip shows the visualization of orphan school in Oriental temple style. This building is going to be built on the bank of Dnieper River in Ukraine. Video clip was created for demonstration to potential investors.

Full Speed

This is a cut of 3d short image videos for the Ukrros-Trans company, dealing with road and rail shipping operations. Computer animation was created to be displayed at the exhibition and posted on the corporate website.

Comfortable windows

3D-animation of plastic windows for the same company that ordered video presentation of the doors. The last time it turned out to be almost a short movie - video for about 4 minutes. In this animation timing a little more modest - about 2,5 minutes, although it is also quite a lot by advertising standards.

Series of video clips «Goods of the week»

“Goods of the week” are series of weekly video clips for the trading network “Velyka kyshenia”. Video clips report about the best prices for the certain goods during the certain period of time. Video clips are created for broadcasting on local TV channels.

«Snow Maiden» - LED-screen animation

New Year animation for “Hi-Tech Advertising” company, which is a leading LED-screens operator providing services for outdoor advertising. Example of character’s animation.

Music video «He is a Hacker»

One of the first music videos in Ukraine to completely use three dimensions for the pop band from Kyiv "Bottle Green". In spring 2008 the video was finally edited and in summer it got into the exclusive rotation on Ukrainian music channel "М1".

Cartoon 3D model of spider-robot

3D model of stylized spider-robot for flash-site. This 3D model is used in site’s design together with some other characters of similar style, making pages of web resource more lively and interesting.

FDream Online football manager

We constantly help our friends in developing their project, creating graphic elements or videos. is the most popular in Ukraine football manager.

Animation for the online Fitness center

Series of 3D clips that illustrate the process of carrying out fitness-exercises for all parts of the body. Basic task was to show correct motions aimed at exercising certain groups of muscles, while the artistic constituent of 3D animation wasn’t a primary task.

The correct code

Have you ever wondered about human nature? Or what does DNA consist of and what it looks like? Frankly, we are sometimes concerned about such issues. Especially when the task is to make a 3d-animated deoxyribonucleic acid.

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