3D Modeling category proves that almost any real or fictional objects can recreated with the help of 3d graphics. This can be a model of human being, animal or object that would, for example, become a logo or even the mascot of the company. 

It is widely used in gaming industry. And of course 3D Modeling helps showing best features in advertising, presentations etc. 

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3D-fermented Milk Product

3D composition with the leaven from the TM "Yagotynsky" served as the basis for the floor sticker – the advertising material placed on the floor near the dairy department at grocery stores.

Apple 3D-model

Apple knows how to create charismatic eye-catching devices. Moreover, these devices are standing out among the counterparts from the other manufacturers. The brainchildren of Apple form their market niche, their own class. Just as the iPhone is not simply phone, so MacBook is not a trivial laptop. This is the whole new design philosophy.

Soft and Beautiful

3D-models of sofas for the flash-presentation. This is one of the most successful examples of effective use of 3D-modeling technology. Theoretically, the client could gather all sofas in all colors and organize a photo shoot of products. Of course, this would be disastrously expensive and, ultimately, not profitable. It’s much more advantageous to order for promotion 3D-modeling of the products; the result will be not worse than photos.

3D models of mobile phones for a video

The main heroes of advertising 3D short for “Aurum” company are 3D models of Apple iPhone, Nokia Arte and Nokia Prism phones. Detailed elaboration of all, even the smallest elements, along with the professional adjustment allow to achieve photo-quality models.

Chair as the Perfect Match

3D models of Herman Miller chairs for online-designer that allows online visitors of the Internet-shop to choose their preferred seat configuration. For the project implementation we created more than 1300 images with different design elements and colour variations of seats upholstery.

Italian Assembly

Another project for the 3D-visualization of doors. Though last time we were developing a clip that focuses on Spanish and Ukrainian markets, in this project we have created 3D models for a US customer, that manufactures Italian designed doors.

3D models of radiators

Radiators are white spots in the house. For those who don’t want to put up with this fact, there were created exclusive radiators, which may easily blend with any, even the most exquisite, interior.

3D model of a secure alarm

3D-model of the secure alarm’s central blocks for Co Ltd “Secur”. Besides modeling of the alarm’s central block, we developed a design of a box and general concept of style.

Casting on the Basis of the 3D-model

3D Modeling creates almost unlimited possibilities for industrial production. One of the areas in technical 3D Modeling is making press molds for casting products of any complexity.

Barbecue – Delicious, Beautiful, Three-dimensional

A 3D-model of a barbecue for the company “Interest” that deals with the modern interior design heating systems. The picture was designed for the customer who wanted to see a realistic image of the future picnic areas near his cottage.

Cartoon 3D model of spider-robot

3D model of stylized spider-robot for flash-site. This 3D model is used in site’s design together with some other characters of similar style, making pages of web resource more lively and interesting.

3D Models for Production

3D models of decor for bedrooms. A highlight is that we haven’t only created 3D models, but also initially developed their concept, having drawn the sketches that served as the basis for modeling.

Mermaid for the milling cutter

This 3D model was created for producing a metallic decorative product. Model was used to form a base matrix which was later reproduced on the cutter machine. Subsequently, using that matrix will be produced items in a mold.

3D model: Heavy armour

An example of a high polygonal model designed on the basis of sketches from a popular on-line game. The model is in development.

3D Objects Modeling

It is often necessary to reconstitute real life objects in 3D mode or create a prototype of an object that is to appear. This project represents some of our early works related to this field of 3D modeling.

Industrial Design – 3D-sketches

This is a 3D-model of a student’s project with the presentation of an art-chair for the young lovers of art. The project is designed by the student of London’s university and appears to be a visual sketch from the perspective of the industrial design, as it contains no design documentation, but only represents the general idea.

Game models and sprites

Highpoly and lowpoly game models from this project were stylized for general concept of games which they were created for. For some models prototypes were created with the help of 3D-modeling. Important aspect in creation of game objects is the correct elaboration of textures.

BBQ Chicken in «Promenada» shopping center

This project had its peculiarity – the terms of its realization. In fact, the customer needed the final result the following day in order to show the management of a shopping centre “Promenada” in Kyiv the new visual development plan of a site and to get a permit for the construction.

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