This is our "last but not least" portfolio page.

Here you can find our projects created for aesthetic pleasure, out of interest, or where we tried hand in something new. Many of them relate to the "R&D" category, made for testing or trial. 

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3D Design – a Live Art

3D-models of mannequins created for ArtAbsinth studio presentation. Scenes with the characters seem to be pulled out from the chain of life events. Therewith, they illustrate essence of every our activity – animation, visualization and modeling.

ArtAbsinth ShowReel

Results of our studio work during the last 2 years. Show-reel that shows a series of cuts representing the most interesting projects.

Just For Fun: Transformer-Zaporozhets

3D-animation of ZAZ-965, produced in 1960-1969 by the "Kommunar" factory (later it became - Zaporizka Automobile Factory). An nostalgic irony regarding Soviet industrial production ot the 60-70s, as well as an appreciation of the technical achievements of modern cinematography and special effects (e.g. "Transformers"), gave birth to the desire to combine these two passions into one 3D-animation project. It was made both for our own pleasure and for the portfolio.

Philips competition

We've done this work to participate in Philips company tender, which task was to show the advantages of LED lamps over traditional light sources. Our decision was not to go into technical details, and bet on the emotions.

Animated Arab Logo

Kumpir – the name of a potato that became a symbol of the chain of fast-food restaurants, which are part of a group of establishments L'Kafa (represented in the Ukrainian market). The intr was designed for a similar chain of restaurants in the capital of Syria – Damascus.

Smoke Without Fire

A small test of the generator of smoke FumeFX. We decided to use this add-in for 3DS MAX to create the smoke from under the wheels of a Zaporozhets-transformer in a drift. In general, we were pleased with the result, however, stability leaves much to be desired.


Several test previews, created while producing the presentation clip for the Opera Prima complex which is located almost at the seaside of Yalta.

Printed decorations for ArtAbsinth office

Some philosophers and businessmen are convinced that thoughts are material. And if you want to be successful it’s just not enough to be professional in your job, it’s necessary to believe in final result of your efforts, see it and always try to reach it. Success and customer’s confidence are converted into money equivalent. That’s what we thought when decided to create money and gold illustrations for our office. We have created euro and hryvna banknotes, and golden bars in 3D. Then we have printed them at A3 resolution and hanged up on the wall of our office. Would you like to see them in reality? Welcome to ArtAbsinth studio!

FDream Online football manager

We constantly help our friends in developing their project, creating graphic elements or videos. is the most popular in Ukraine football manager.

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