Philips competition

We decided to focus on the emotional component in this competitive work. LEDs have a number of technical advantages compared with traditional lamps, such as lower power consumption, long lifetime or lesser degrees of heating. However, these are all logical arguments. But consumer is not always guided by the logic. Many purchases are made emotionally. So we decided to stake exactly on it. As is well known, LEDs are used in lighting design. In this video, we wanted to show an example of a light installation, which helped main character to achieve attention of a beloved girl.
We suggested Philips to take this idea as a basis for real competitions. For example, arrange a competition for the most interesting composition, made of lights. This could be the basis for large-scale advertising campaign. 
Characters themselves are also created with taking subject into account. They combine both Yin and Yang. Girl in a dress is shaped like a lamp, and boy looks like a light bulb. One cannot shine without the other, and they are attracted to each other.

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Anatoliy Lokazuk
Alex Cooper
Andy Beloshisty
Maksim Vakulenko
KoloDiy production




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