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Interior through the glass

The efforts on this project resulted not only in designs of apartments and 3D visualization of interior for builders. Special attention was paid to a stained-glass window that accomplishes both: aesthetic and functional task. The stained-glass window is in keeping with the charming view of the central part of Kyiv that opens up behind the window.

Apartment in Art Deco style

This 3D visualization is rather astonishing. Bright design-project was developed for the apartment of a young man. The young generation doesn't like to be cluttered up, that is why it was required to provide maximum free space on a rather small area – 36 square meters.

Interior of a cabinet

A project of a «business» apartment. These living quarters are intended more for meeting guests and business-partners rather that for living. That is why in a design-project it was necessary to find a compromise between business and down-home styles.

3D Lifestyle Visualization

Another 3D-project on "changing clothes" – some quite different 3D-visualizations created on the basis of one room of 12 square meters.

All Aspects of Beige

The owner of this spacious three-room Kiev apartment with a total area of 140 sq. m. is a young active woman who prefers classical style elements of interior combined with practical functionality. In addition, she is particularly partial to the colour beige.

Comfortable minimalism

In this apartment it was required to design the interior taking into account already renovated rooms. In our new design we had to adjust everything to already available floor materials, doors and other. The main concept of the design-project is a comfortable minimalism, supplemented with extravagant elements of art-deco style (chandelier, mirrors’ patterns, pictures etc).

Southern Mood

3D visualization of a private house in Yalta. The entire project involves the reconstruction of the house – both interior and exterior, as well as the design of the surrounding area. At the moment, the visualization of the outer part is ready – facades of the building, summer area for barbecue and a pool.

Luxurious and elegant

This 3D visualization shows that impossible is nothing. Even in a standard three-room apartment with area of 80 square meters, ceilings’ height 2.75 meters it is possible to implement the interior of the classic castle or palace. Thus it is very important not to create a luxury with a negative shade.

“Veld” – Everything for Happiness!

Imagine that all your innermost thoughts and dreams are embodied as fast as you want them to, and you get this feeling of satisfaction and happiness. This is exactly what happened in Ray Bradbury’s story "Veld".

Exterior 3D visualizations

A couple of exterior visualizations, among which can be found either private cottages or multistoried buildings. They are of a great help for those who need the design of a house.

Interior with Tints of Art Nouveau

3D Visualization of the interior, the style of which at the initial stage of the project was intended to be something light, with a sentiment of the art nouveau of 30s. The customer’s wishes in the course of performing the task have brought some massive classical elements but the colors still remained very soft and pleasing to the eye.

3D-visualisation of kitchen furniture

A series of kitchen 3D-visualisations which is actually a continuation of the project «Kitchen symphony» as both these projects are executed for one customer and in both cases the furniture should be placed in quite modest areas – from 7.0 to 8.6 sq. m. However, this time a variety of kitchens are much wider in comparison with the first project.

3D Visualization of the restaurant

3D Visualization of the Italian restaurant "Mario" situated in the centre of Kyiv. Many citizens of the Ukrainian capital know and love this establishment. And visitors will be shortly attracted not only by the desire to enjoy the refined cuisine, but also to see with their own eyes the new interior.

Minimalist 3D-visualisation

The owner of this apartment asked us to make up a nice interior, without any excesses, as the budget was limited. And it has really been a pleasure, as the propensity for pretentiousness and excessive intricacy in design of the interior is often peculiar to our customers. Working on this project we focused our attention on simplicity and comfort.

Landscape design

Owners of cottages, summer houses and mansions undoubtedly highly appreciate the refined style and comfort in interior of their spacious dwellings. Nevertheless, while building or refining private house it is necessary to carefully think over not only the interior but exterior as well.

Harmony of men’s and women’s styles

Is it possible to join “men's” and “women’s” interiors? It is well known that one of key questions in “confrontation of sexes” is different views on creating home interior. This 3D visualization shows that it is always possible to find the golden mean.

Bathroom, the classics

A bathroom for the Classical flat in the Cosmopolitan apartment complex. The peculiarity was to place everything (shelves, a bath and a shower cubicle) into quite limited space.

Kitchen symphony

The visualization of two different in style and mood kitchens which are sharing same design plan. Comparison of classical and modern approaches.

Hall of the business-center

3D visualization of the Business Center’s hall for our colleagues from St. Petersburg. As the base model was given to us, it was necessary to reproduce variants in three colors. The main challenge was the time limit of the project that had to be finished in one weekend.

Classic Style

Visualization of the interior in a classic style is one of the most difficult tasks. Several of our early work in this direction.

Interior in the eclectic style

A few of our old-style renderings of eclecticism. Clients often want to combine in a single interior elements from different styles. We help them to do so, creating a harmonious interior design, corresponding to the character of the customer.

Skim the cream

The interiors without reference to any particular style. Design elements are formed exclusively under the influence taste preferences of the customer.

Minimalism, constructivism

Visualization of design projects in the constructivism of reasonableness in every detail.

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